Why to apply for Franchise?

Why to apply for American Grammar School Franchise?

Following are the advantages of being with us:-

  • Recognized Brand.
  • Most futuristic high-tech school environment.
  • Activity based conceptual learning.

Organizational strength

  • Established, owned and managed by qualified and well experienced management.
  • Educational scheme based on advanced and ongoing methods of teaching.
  • The school system is build up at internationally organized educational practice.
  • Developed our system best among all by learning from our experience.
  • Education system is continuously monitored and upgraded as per the changing trends in education industry across the world.


Sure success and promising prospect:-
We following a confirmed franchise success model

  • All franchisees are supported by successful support network.
  • Requirement specific support guarantees higher level of success in the franchise sector.
  • Increased awareness of parents about the importance to provide the best education to their children in the best branded schools.
  • A franchisee venture of education is never got affected by variations in economy as people never want to compromise on their children’s education.


Get Support in selection of site

  • We provide you full support in site selection.
  • Your site for school should be out of any kind of disagreement. This ensures safety of your century on investment made by you.


Outstanding returns & satisfaction

  • Royalty value for money.
  • Low license fee.
  • No hidden cost.
  • Admission enquiries are higher and also fee chargeable because of people’s preference for internationally established brand.
  • No chance of bad debts as fee is received in advance.
  • Be your own boss, get respected by society.


Get multilevel assistance system to make your venture successful need specific support

  • Full assistance in designing and incorporating demanding educational practices to turn into first of its kind school of tomorrow.
  • Get aided in obtaining materials like, furniture and equipment’s etc.
  • Assistance and advice for installing maintaining and upgrading it hardware software and other systems.
  • Get supply of registration forms manuals recruitment materials etc. customized as per your need.
  • Get assistance of franchise supervisors who can be contacted for everyday queries.
  • Bulk procurement of supplies to help you save in purchasing.


Recruitment & training

  • Constant support from human resource department of the head office.
  • Help to identify and recruit qualified staffs for your school.
  • Regular training of the facilitators to ensure high standards of educations.


Marketing and promotion supervision

  • Best possible support for starting on school including promotion material and economical and efficient promotion schemes.
  • Assistance on forming and outing into practice and annual marketing plan.
  • Assistance on planning, developing of strategy and regular presence in media.
  • Supply of professionally developed advertising, promotional and marketing material including designs for brochures, newspaper advertisements, direct mailing , leaflets, banners, cable advertising, graphic design & copywriting.


Academic research & development

  • Inclusive syllabus which is designed by researches as well as continuously updated to shape it forward looking.
  • You remain in regular contact of our management via e-mails.
  • Integrated process for morning assembly activities, outings, sports day, excursion celebrations, annual day, competitions and other events.
  • You are followed by continuously monitoring system to ensure quality.


Systems & quality control 

  • Administrative systems and manuals for running the school up to predefined standards.
  • Progress reports in analyzed to make out strength and weaknesses.
  • Easy and simple reporting formats to ensure convenience for every branch.
  • To ensure smooth performance of all the branches the franchisees are followed by regular monitoring and reporting system.