Our Concepts

Concept-Leading the World

To facilitate the development of intellectual curiosity thirst for achievement and self-confidence. We provide our students the academic foundation necessary for them to reach their full potential and enjoy a successful experience in higher education through a fully integrated curriculum we are also devoted to provide a meticulous academic program to develop intellectually capable students with creative minds healthy bodies and ethical spirits we also strive to create a strong partnership between home and school.

We have an ambition to make American Grammar School to real fountainhead of knowledge by adopting the latest methodologies of teaching to be able to enter the world of wisdom in a befitting manner and to translate all our future aspirations into realities we have set the following targets.

  • A supportive learning environment with maximum facilities
  • Curriculum focused school leadership
  • A system of monitoring performance and achievement
  • Ongoing staff development
  • Parental involvement guidance and support