Director Message

Our responsibilities are not taken lightly. We pride ourselves that our educational brand reflects a desire to ensure children are happy and content in their learning .A brand where children of whatever creed or color accept each other, don’t notice apparent differences, but respect each other for what they believe in and what they are our children become confident individuals responsible citizens and are learners enjoying success.

The curriculum we fellow is the international curriculum which we supplement in the later stages of our student’s education by offering o and a level the curriculum is all about identifying and and developing talents whether academic sporting or any of the other avenues which are presented for children to show what they are capable of by supporting the academic aspects of school life with a plethora of other cultural social and interesting events and activities we ensure our children and students are prepared for the experiences and challenges adult life brings.

American Grammar School is providing and education to allow all children within it’s care to grow up happily and at the same time to be equipped with the social behavioral intellectual and life skills needed for them to be an professionally and to be ready to live a fulfilling life.

We ensure that our schools are well resourced to ensure the chosen curriculum is covered and covered in an interesting way .our biggest resource is our teachers who are dedicated well qualified enthusiastic and well intentioned professionals.

We focus on triangle of teachers parents and children which is strengthened by open communication of networks of all schools we operate an open door policy and systems which mean all franchise are closely involved in our system. Our relative successes can be attributed to the teams in place within and between our schools loyal franchise members loyal management will ensure that our ethos is maintained and developed.

Our ambition lies not in the past but to a future where the great, great grandchildren of the present students would happily want their own children placed in the school where they schooled and where the ethos and values currently displayed would still be unchanged.

Mrs. Riffat Nawaz