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We hear a lot about military and geopolitical collaboration between Pakistan and USA but what might be more important for the long-run may be joint  educational Projects.

USA are churning out engineers, scientist, mathematicians, etc. by the droves and that really is the true secret behind their insane pace of development.

Why aren’t we exploiting this great talent that USA has in its ability to educate its people? i may be wrong but there aren’t many(or even one?) high level educational institutions set up in Pakistan with the collaboration of USA this is something that could or should have been implemented and carried out decades ago.

American Grammar school gives concrete foundation to build a strong and true educational platform for imparting international standard education.
Our management is dedicated enthusiastically to bring revolutionary changes in the spreading education to all at national and international level.

We are not focusing at any of the town. City of country but our focus is community of the world therefore we offer our franchise at national and international level.

Quality education will not compromised and will be ensured across the world.

American Grammar School is trying to be dynamic and progressive institution since its inception. However with the direction of management of school , many new dimensions have been added to our efforts, towards contemporary education; curriculum renewal and development in teaching technology planning, mechanism and procedures of evaluations are being continuously structed and reconstructed to update the school to provide student ability to meet the challenges of globalization. American Grammar school is striving towards educating our children better so as to help them and rise.

American Grammar school is training the individuals to pace with the evolving technology, while focusing the managerial aspects of personality development is our methodology we are committed to ensure that every pupil receives an education that enable them to attain the highest levels of achievement possible. you will discover a school that has created the most stimulating learning environment a relevant and challenging curriculum and an active partnership with parents and the communities in which our student live work and play . American Grammar School really is a place to build dreams don’t take our words for it find out for yourself….
We are preparing our students for the challenges of the modern , increasingly globalized world while at the same time cultivating in them a passion for life , a confident sense of their own cultural identity and a commitment to make the world a better place.

Why AGS should are first preference?

  • Excellent facilities and fully academic environment.
  • Most professional, experienced and qualified faculty.
  • Result oriented and Islamic based teaching.
  • Well-equipped library and labs.
  • Most modern and practical test system.
  • Feasible and affordable fee package.
  • Unique teaching methodology.
  • Fully air conditioned campus.
  • Parental involvement.
  • Focus on personality development and grooming.
  • Established network of branches.